Field Hockey Coaching Staff

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Here are some of the field hockey programs that were represented on our staff last year:

Field Hockey Coach Bios

Jesse Gey
Jesse Gey 08 Olympian Midfielder
Jennifer Stone
Jennifer Stone Head Field Hockey Coach - Lafayette College
Megan Fraser
Megan Fraser Head Field Hockey Coach - Johns Hopkins University
Beth Gottung
Beth Gottung Head Field Hockey Coach - Montclair State University
Caroline Nichols
Caroline Nichols Team USA Defender; Assistant Field Hockey Coach - Columbia University
Andy Whitcomb
Andy Whitcomb Head Field Hockey Coach - Mt. Holyoke College
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Head Field Hockey Coach - Babson College
Becca Main-Kohli
Becca Main-Kohli Head Field Hockey Coach - Quinnipiac University
Jaime Ginsberg
Jaime Ginsberg Head Field Hockey Coach - Smith College
Heidi Lewis
Heidi Lewis Assistant Field Hockey Coach - Catholic University
Alex Barrale
Alex Barrale Head Field Hockey Coach- Williams College
Kevin Barber
Kevin Barber Team USA Midfielder
Tina McDavitt
Tina McDavitt Head Field Hockey Coach - Tufts University
Gia Cillizza
Gia Cillizza Head Field Hockey Coach - Catholic University
Rachel Boyle
Rachel Boyle Head Field Hockey Coach - Washington College
Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Griffiths Head Field Hockey Coach - Old Dominion University
Annie Morse
Annie Morse Former St. Paul's School for Girls Head Field Hockey Coach
Melissa Leonetti
Melissa Leonetti Former US National Team Defender
Alicia Angelini
Alicia Angelini Assistant Field Hockey Coach - Quinnipiac University
Sarah Thorn
Sarah Thorn Associate Head Field Hockey Coach - American University
Tara Zollinger
Tara Zollinger Assistant Field Hockey Coach - Syracuse University
Anna Baeth
Anna Baeth Head Field Hockey Coach - Oberlin College
Ann Farrier
Ann Farrier Assistant Field Hockey Coach- Southern Connecticut State University
Jennifer Foster
Jennifer Foster Head Field Hockey Coach - Salve Regina University
Danielle Ryder
Danielle Ryder Head Field Hockey Coach - Bates College
Meridith Thorpe
Meridith Thorpe Former US National Team Striker
Kelley Hubbell
Kelley Hubbell Head Field Hockey Coach - Wittenberg University
Leslie LaFronz
Leslie LaFronz Head Field Hockey Coach - Kean University